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About Our Partners

PartnerAlliance is a network of influencers and decision-makers in various industries and markets. Belden joins with trusted contractors, integrators and consultants in an effort to collectively provide our end users with the greatest value possible.

Types of Partners

contractors working together

Networking Contractor (CSV)

PartnerAlliance Networking Partners, or CSVs in some regions, receive the greatest value: a 25-year Warranty plus Application Assurance. 

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Mohawk Accredited Contractor
(US only)

MAC partners benefit with Mohawk cable, the open-architecture choice of connectivity from an approved manufacturer and the 25-Year ChannelMATE warranty.

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Industrial Cable Loyalty Program

Belden PartnerAlliance Industrial partners earn lucrative annual rebates, access to the partner portal, and various marketing tools.

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Industrial Ethernet Loyalty Program

Belden offers discounts for comprehensive training programs and rebates to system integrators, machine builders and OEMs who design, configure, and install Industrial Ethernet networks.

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