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End to End Copper Systems

Belden REVConnect? Systems offer increased information capacity and greater signal-to-noise ratio than any other cabling system available. Each REVConnect System includes end-to-end cable and connectivity to meet the needs of demanding applications today, tomorrow and beyond. Designed for seamless compatibility and easy installation, REVConnect Systems offer unmatched reliability, ease of deployment and application versatility.

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cat6a - devices

REVConnect CAT 6A Systems

Bring mission-critical and high-bandwidth applications to life while maximizing uptime. High-performance Category 6A solutions from Belden support fast, reliable network speeds in smart buildings, data centers, 100W PoE and in-building wireless applications, and noisy environments.

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Cat 6 - VOIP_366x189

REVConnect CAT 6 Systems

As more building systems, applications and devices connect to enterprise networks, reliability and versatility become vital to daily operations. Support 24/7/365 connectivity with a Belden Category 6 solution that offers exceptional reliability, speed and uptime.

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REVConnect CAT 5e Systems

Not ready to migrate to Category 6 or 6A solutions yet? Ensure maximum network performance and stability in legacy IP applications, renovations and price-sensitive environments with a Belden Category 5e system that exceeds standards.

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