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Market Solutions

In a highly competitive environment, it is crucial to have reliable partners who are able to provide best-in-class solutions. When it comes to signal transmissions, Belden is the number one solutions provider. We focus on applications that are most in-demand in a variety of markets including Industrial, Enterprise and Broadcast.

Industrial Market Solutions

A complete product portfolio of industrial cabling, connectivity, and networking devices and systems that ensure seamless data communications at all times and in all industrial environments.

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food and beverage

Food & Beverage

Seamless and secure solutions that work under harsh conditions.



World-class, secure, transportation network infrastructures.

water and wastewater


Meeting the needs of harsh and severe environments found in the water/wastewater industry.

energy center


Optimal signal performance and reliability for energy producers.

machine building

Machine Building

Reliable machine building solutions using leading edge technologies.

oil and gas

Oil & Gas

Highly engineered signal transmission solutions for the oil & gas industry.



Increase reliability at every stage of the automotive process.

Enterprise Solutions

Complete signal transmission solutions for the Enterprise markets.

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digital building

Digital Building

A Belden digital building can improve and grow your business, enhance security, reduce operating costs, and adapt to changes with ease.

data center

Data Center

Solutions that solve the major efficiency issues within the data center.

stadiums and venues

Stadiums & Venues

A single solution to support a range of venue applications.


Successfully integrate technology into the guest experience with Belden’s products and expertise.


Belden helps healthcare IT staff solve their biggest challenges and prepare for the future.



We help government agencies support and transmit massive amounts of data - classified, private and public - at local, regional and national levels..

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