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Healthcare Solutions

Belden helps healthcare IT staff solve their biggest challenges and prepare for the future.

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Why Choose Belden?


Belden brings previously disparate, unconnected devices to your networks for direct communication and integration — without any human interaction or intervention — to share information, deliver high-quality AV, ensure life safety and improve building management.



Get the reassurance of constant uptime, which allows business processes to continue, keeping revenue and productivity as high as possible. Belden’s Digital Building Warranty covers several types of applications to make sure your systems work together for as long as possible.


Efficient Powering

Belden brings you the ability to support local powering and Power over Ethernet (PoE), which delivers up to 100W through Ethernet cable to devices. Our systems support higher-power PoE, bringing power and data connections straight to monitors, cameras and other devices.

Efficient Powering


Belden systems and technology support many applications and technologies simultaneously, allowing people and devices on the network to complete jobs quickly and efficiently, without delays or bottlenecks.



Belden systems support the sensor technology integrated into the many devices connected to your network. This allows you to quickly track and benchmark data - such as traffic patterns, occupancy rates and space utilization - in real time.

Environmental Solutions

Health and workplace well-being improve the environment and occupant satisfaction. Belden’s green initiatives allow for buildings that are resource efficient, using less energy and water to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Environmental Solutions

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