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The public trusts you for a usable water supply.

How do you protect quality and ensure consumer safety?

Providing clean water and wastewater services to millions is no easy feat.   There are water and wastewater treatment plants serving every community of the developed world.  And for each of them, operational downtime and security breaches are utterly unacceptable.

Belden can help.

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You can rely on Belden to withstand the harshest conditions and keep your network infrastructure flowing smoothly.

Water & Waste Water Solutions for Municipalities

Solutions for Municipalities

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Water & Waste Water Solutions for Engineers

Solutions for Engineers

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Water & Waste Water Solutions for Contractors

Solutions for Contractors

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Committed to helping you meet your safety and reliability goal

Belden offers a proven portfolio of innovative products paired with an unmatched range of services including engineering and maintenance support.

By choosing Belden, you are choosing an experienced partner with in-depth expertise in designing and implementing world-class water/wastewater network infrastructures:

  • Reliability – Wired/wireless communication systems industrially designed to deliver total reliability and security in harsh operating conditions
  • Flexibility – Team of experts who can advise on every aspect of your requirements, from tailored connectors, cables and cable assemblies to switches, media converters and firewalls for Ethernet networks
  • Scalability – Adaptable network components built to satisfy today’s rigorous standards and tomorrow’s growing demands
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